Let’s Make It Happen Here!

Sustainability is no longer simply a topic of conversation or political debate, it’s an imperative … and the path to Sustainability offers tremendous opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Contra Costa County has all of the key elements needed to tackle the challenges we face in creating a truly socially, environmentally and economically sustainable society including proximity to world-class universities and research labs, an entrepreneurial culture, access to capital, a highly skilled workforce, a supportive business environment and a high quality of life.

We can make it happen here … Contra Costa can be a hub of sustainable design and innovation. In the process, we can create new opportunities, new businesses and new jobs. Let’s make it happen here! 

Conference Objectives & Benefits

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference focuses on meeting the following objectives :

  • Identify successful strategies for economic resilience in a global economy.
  • Relate environmental policies and ways in which enterprises can prosper from these policies.
  • Offer tools that are strategic and practical – from generating a vision of a sustainable enterprise, to optimizing resource management, to metrics systems for measuring progress.
  • Illustrate, through experiences or cases, the rewards and risks of sustainability initiatives as an entrepreneur or within a larger enterprise.
  • Provide attendees with opportunities for networking with organizations and people toward successfully implement innovative sustainable operating practices and policies.

Following the Sonoma County Model

This first annual Contra Costa conference is being modeled after the very successful Sustainable Enterprise Conference in Sonoma County. Oren Wool, co-founder of the Sonoma County event is enthusiastically providing guidance and support for our expansion and extension of his vision.