SEC Contra Costa presents
The RAPID Climate Response Forum


Tuesday, May 19 2020

Registration opens at 8:00 am.

Note: session topics and timing are subject to change. 

9:00 am       Conference Opening

Welcome by Tina Neuhausel – President, Sustainable Contra Costa

9:15 am       Introductions

Everyone: Name and Affiliation (only)

PART I. Changing the conversation

Forget what you “know”, listen, think differently, and mix it up

9:30 am        III.   A New Charge . . . What does a climate emergency mean?

What can we do now that we couldn’t do before?

10:00 am      IV. No Answers. . . Just Questions

What are the questions we need to be asking? (i.e., What is the problem we are trying to solve? Who controls what? What can we change? Who are the change makers? Is carbon the right focus?  What are the lessons we can take from other fields who deal with slow and fast moving emergencies?

11:00 am      V.    Idea Blast

What can we Tip the Scales?
What are Game Changers?
What are the Moonshots?
If it’s an emergency what is possible?

12: 00 pm     LUNCH Break & Innovation Spotlight

Demonstration: Induction Cooking

PART II. RAPID Framework – Enabling Change

World Café rotation: Break into small groups

 12:30 pm      VI. The RAPID Framework

We know what needs to be done… long-term. Building on existing long-term 2050 Carbon Neutrality goal and create enabling and catalytic solutions for today that can get us to these goals starting tomorrow?

1:00 pm        VII. Small Group Work Session, Part 1

What are the potential solution sets? All ideas on the table.

1:35 pm        Small Group Work Session, Part 2

Narrow down the choices: What can be implemented and done in 5 years? Is it catalytic or an enabler?

2:10 pm        Small Group Work Session, Part 3

Prioritize – what are the top 1-3 actions that should be developed further?

2:45 pm        Break

3:00 pm        VIII. Consolidation and Top Actions

3:30 pm        IX. Implementation Session

What are the specific needs to move to the next steps? Quantify:
– Time
– Money
– Commitment
– Who
– When

4:45 pm        X. Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

5:00 pm        Networking/Reception hosted by Calicraft

Join us for a networking reception featuring a selection of handcrafted beers from Calicraft Brewing Company in Walnut Creek. Taste the best of California in a bottle of Calicraft beer!