The Business of Sustainability is Opportunity and Innovation!

Sustainability means new business opportunities. Contra Costa County is well-positioned to be a hub for innovation in sustainable design, architecture, new product development and best practices. In the process, we can create new opportunities, new businesses and new jobs. Let’s make it happen!

What is SEC?

  • Perspectives on Emerging Markets
  • Opportunities for New Business
  • Insights and Best Practices
  • Models for a Sustainable Future
  • Connections and Collaborations

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is a day-long learning and networking conference dedicated to helping Contra Costa businesses, academic, government and non-profit organizations transition to economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Speakers and panelists will address critical issues, showcase successful business models and present opportunities for creating a vibrant and truly sustainable economy.

Improve Your Bottom Line: Come to SEC!

Businesses and organizations are realizing significant bottom-line benefits and economic rewards when they prioritize environmental and social sustainability. These rewards don’t just come from improving efficiency and reducing consumption, but from the rapidly increasing percentage of prospective customers and clients seeking companies that embrace sustainability.

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference offers an invaluable opportunity for these communities to come together and share their stories and ideas with each other. Participants interact with luminary speakers and participate in practical workshops to learn how they can drive financial, environmental, and social prosperity in their organizations and communities. As the only annual forum in Contra Costa providing such an opportunity, you will not want to miss the 2016 Sustainable Enterprise Conference.

What’s In It for Me?

Participants at the Conference will gain real and usable insights into how to transition their businesses and organizations to Sustainability in three key areas: environmental, social, and economic. Presentations and networking opportunities will allow you to learn firsthand of the challenges and rewards of making this transition and will enable you with tools and knowledge you can use to change your organization. Learn about changes in public policies, new initiatives and economic incentives for businesses and how to apply them to generating a vision of a sustainable enterprise, to optimizing resource management and developing systems for measuring progress. Case studies will showcase the risks and rewards of sustainability initiatives as an entrepreneur or as an intrapreneur within a larger enterprise.

Who Should Attend?

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is particularly geared to the interests of Contra Costa business and civic leaders and those responsible for taking action around the sustainability of their enterprise.

  • Entrepreneurs who are starting or plan to start new enterprises
  • Executives, managers, and individuals responsible for setting long term direction
  • Professionals and consultants who are engaging in sustainable enterprise activities
  • Educators and students with an interest in sustainable enterprise
  • Staff and members of nonprofit organizations with a desire to operate more sustainably
  • Those who influence, design, or implement public policy
  • Anyone who is interested in bringing new concepts to their workplace

Why Attend SEC?

Because “no one these days seriously denies the need for sustainable business practices.
– Harvard Business Review