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Embracing Sustainability
as a Business and Economic Strategy

Sustainability is no longer simply a topic of conversation or political debate, it’s an imperative … and the path to Sustainability offers tremendous opportunities for creativity and innovation.

The Sustainable Enterprise Conference is Contra Costa’s annual gathering of business owners, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, educators and activists who are dedicated to the principles of Sustainability and One Planet Living.

Speakers and panelists address critical issues, showcase successful business models and present opportunities for creating a vibrant and truly sustainable economy.

Join Us for the 2nd Annual SEC!

featuring …

One Planet Living:
A Framework for Sustainability

Mark Westwind – Sustainable Contra Costa

The One Planet Living framework is an internationally-recognized set of principles for defining, measuring and monitoring Sustainability. Learn about this comprehensive set of principles and how businesses, developers and governments around the world are using the One Planet Living framework and One Planet Action Plans to guide sustainable development projects.

Contra Costa Sustainability Report – 2017

Jody LondonSustainability Coordinator for Contra Costa County

Achieving the County’s sustainability and CO2 emission reduction goals requires broad participation and cooperation in every sector of our economy and society, particularly in the business community. Jody is passionate about transportation policies … e.g. taking action to retrofit our communities with “complete streets.” Where are the holes in the County’s public transportation network? What can be done to solve for them? How can we minimize the distance and time people in Contra Costa County spend commuting? This is really where the payoff for emissions reduction lies in this County: getting people to drive less.

The Business of Sustainability in Contra Costa

Renee Pierce – Economic Dev. Analyst, Employment Training Panel

Chris Dundon, Water Conservation Supervisor
Contra Costa Water District

From the County’s Climate Action Plan and Northern Waterfront Initiative to the Bay Area-wide Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and Plan Bay Area 2040, there’s a lot going on that may or may not lead to a more sustainable economy and society.  Renee will bring us up to date on what’s working and what’s not from business, and employment perspectives. Chris will discuss the landscaping industry and the business of water conservation. The panel will also explore how public policies and initiatives are guiding and supporting local businesses in becoming more sustainable (or not).


Special Guest:
Chad Frischmann, VP & Research Director
Project Drawdown

Making the Economic Case 
for Reversing Global Warming

Based on the book Drawdown edited by Paul Hawken, Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. A qualified and diverse group of researchers from around the world were gathered to identify, research, and model the 100 most substantive, existing solutions to address climate change. What was uncovered is a path forward that can roll back global warming within thirty years. It shows that humanity has the means at hand. Nothing new needs to be invented. The solutions are in place and in action. Our job is to accelerate the knowledge and growth of what is possible.

Sustainable Transportation:
The Electric Vehicle Revolution is Here!

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Revolution
Maureen Blanc – Executive Director, Charge Across Town

Our Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Cal Silcox
– Expert Analyst – Electric Vehicles, PG&E

Ready or not, here comes a tsunami of new vehicles powered by electricity and fuel cells. The alternative fuel vehicle revolution has the potential for significantly reducing air pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. What can we expect to see in the very near future? Are we ready? How can “traditional” vehicle product and service companies adapt (nor not)? Who’s training the next generation of vehicle support specialists? Maureen and Cal will share their perspectives on the changes that the sustainable transportation revolution will bring to our county.




Decentralized Financial Systems:
Get Ready for Blockchain Technology!

Caterina Rindi  International Consultant/Speaker
Rindi Consulting

Zane Witherspoon – Chief Technology Officer, Dispatch Labs

Digital or crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are revolutionizing how people around the world are making transactions and interacting with businesses and financial systems. Blockchain technology and digital currencies are creating highly disruptive change in ways we are just beginning to see with potential that we’re only beginning to grasp.

How is this related to Sustainability? If proponents are right, we could see highly decentralized, less costly and more democratic financial systems resulting in significant changes to banking, payment processing, escrow and more.

Locally, the financial sector is a major component of Contra Costa’s economy. These disruptive changes may result in significant job losses and business closings, while opportunities abound for innovation and entrepreneurship.

So what is bitcoin? How can blockchain technology revolutionize banking, particularly for the poor? Will peer-to-peer mobile transactions eliminate the need for banks and credit card companies with all their related fees? What are “smart contracts” powered by Ethereum? Will smart contracts eliminate title and escrow companies? Are we ready for the changes that many market-watchers are predicting? Let’s explore the future with the experts!



Sustainable Business Showcase:
Meet the Innovators, Pioneers & Leaders

Oscar Dominguez – Director
Contra Costa Small Business Development Center

Susan Psara – Director
Contra Costa Green Business Program

Sustainable Food Systems:
Alli Cecchini
– Founder and Executive Director, First Generation Farms

Sustainable Facilities Management:
Travis Curran
– Campus Administrator, Crestwood Behavioral Health

Sustainable Landscape Management:
Suzanne Harris
– Sales & Marketing Manager, Gardeners’ Guild

Who are the innovators in sustainable business practices, products and services in Contra Costa? Oscar and Susan will present several inspiring business owners to look at what it takes to be a pioneer in Sustainability and still make a buck.



Innovation Spotlight

Kasra Behbahani – Senior Systems Engineering Consultant, Stantec

CCTA and BART is testing the capabilities of shared autonomous vehicles (SAV) in addressing challenges associated with increased BART parking demand and limited first/last mile connections. The SAVs planned for use during the test period are low-speed, multi-passenger, electric vehicles. Kasra will bring us up to date on this very cool project.



Join us for a networking reception featuring a selection of handcrafted beers from
Calicraft Brewing Company in Walnut Creek.


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